Year Book Secret

Posted: October 24, 2009 by Oreo 8000 in Uncategorized

Here is something I found out about the 05-06 yearbook and the other ones. I found this secret out completely on my own. If you put this secret on your site, you got to give me, Oreo 8000, credit.

Click on “MARCH” and the first pin ever will appear on the table in the picture. And the second pin is at the bottom left of the picture.

06 pin1

06 pin1-2

The next two are that you click on the blue puffle and the mining helmet.

06 pin2

Next page, click on the mine cart.

06 pin3

Next one you click on the cactus.

06 pin4

Next, click on the pom pom.

06 pin5

Next you click on the lightbulb.

06 pin6

What I showed you was the rarest pins hidden in the yearbook. I will have a guide for other year books soon.

-Oreo 8000


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