Club Penguin New Ninja Game And New Stage Play!

Posted: November 5, 2009 by erik01297cpinfo in Uncategorized


Well fist of all Sensei says that he and the power of his amulet calmed down that huge storm hovering over Club Penguin. Also more amulets are being made for the ninja training. To me and others is looks like the amulet is made out of gold and a black gem in the middle. Since we are now able to mine the gold for the other parts of the amulet, maybe we are going to be able to mine the mysterious black gem in the new ninja game! I guess we are going to have to wait to find out, What do you think?


There is also a new play coming to Club Penguin on November 13 and going to end on December 10. I think that the play will have something to do with the gnomes we seen awhile back, Maybe Norman will be transformed into a gnome! Wow that would be really cool. There is also going to be a secret room, and since there has been going on alot with members lately i think the room will be members only.



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