Club Penguin: Its That Time Again!…

Posted: November 6, 2009 by erik01297cpinfo in Uncategorized

Hey penguins Erik01297 here and guess what, Its time to dress for the cold weather again! WOOHOOO!!!

For the latest warmth clothing just check out the new Club Penguin Style Catalog!’

You can find the clothes you need to keep you warm since Club Penguin is going to be having a “Cold Snap” Coming to Club Penguin very soon!

Here is what Club Penguin is saying about it:

The island’s moved from spooky to snowy – there’s a cold snap coming and some celebrations might be in order! But before we get to that, we’ll need to dress for the weather – and the latest Penguin Style in the Gift Shop has some new cool weather gear. You can trade the pumpkin heads for earmuffs (but only if you want – the pumpkin heads might be fun with one of those new coats).

So, start dressing warm!

Here is the way i am going to be dressing. I wouldn’t want Erik01297 getting sick now, would I?

Cold Weather!

Waddle On!



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