Club Penguin Mine/Cave, Secret Room, and Free Items!

Posted: January 22, 2010 by erik01297cpcp in Uncategorized

Club Penguin has released the mine event! It is so awesome!

First go the the Mine and pick up the hard hat, Safety first!

Okay so now you are ready to go into the mine and start working!

Ok. This is pretty cool! Here is a machine, that you have to throw snowballs into to make light!

There was already light, because i threw a snowball into the machine!

Take a look:

Okay! Now you start digging! Just put on your hard hat and get started!

Okay there are 4 pieces, its not hard to get them, its really easy! (Gems)

Once you have gotten the 4 gems, you will get the newest Club Penguin Pin!

The Amethyst Pin!


Now for the other room!

Okay now you are going to the “Secret Room” it is called the Hidden Lake.

The room is only for members.

Now pick up the awesome underwater background!

This room rocks! Do you think Club Penguin will make this a perm room?

I really hope so!



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