Club Penguin More Mission Clues?

Posted: March 6, 2010 by erik01297cpinfo in Uncategorized

Hey There! A lot of curious penguins have been looking around for some clues about the new Club Penguin mission. Wondering what Herbert is doing? Do you know?

Yep! I think your right, he is thinking of a plan to take out precious puffles! And he thought that it would be a great time too because of penguins getting distracted by the puffle party! But then, his plan went wrong, he didn’t expect for the mine to start collapsing, and by the mine, I mean his new base!  So now the mission begins…


1.Leaking Water.

2. Missing Puffles.



Where could they be? I remember seeing the yellow one somewhere…Yep! In the mine!

But wait, the green one is still missing!

What in the world is going on? What do you think?


  1. Rofegme says:

    The Leaking Water was already there. Cool theory though.

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