Rockhopper Tracker Page

Scroll down to see tips about finding Rockhopper. 

Here is the tracker and the code.

<a href=””><img src=”; /></ a>

All About Rockhopper

Rockhopper is a pirate, who visits Club Penguin every 2 months. He goes around and gives out free items.

How to Find Rockhopper

Rockhopper likes to go to servers like Blizzard, Mammoth, Yukon, Frozen and many other popular servers.

The rooms he usually goes in are the Migrator, beach, dock, town, night club, snow forts, plaza, pizza parlor, forest, cove and sometimes the iceburg.

Another way to find Rockhopper is to use my Rockhopper Tracker. I will make a new tracker that is more accurate then the one I have right now. Also to find Rockhopper, join the Rockhopper Trackers on my forum (

How to Collect Rockhopper’s Free Item

First of all you need to meet Rockhopper. Once you meet him, click on him to see his player card. On normal player cards, the button on the far left  is that ask to be the penguin’s friend. Well with Rockhopper instead of a smile face icon, there is a box icon.

Rockhopper used to give out eye patches, but now he gives out a autographed playercard.


-Oreo 8000

  1. Icemann520 says:

    This Rockhopper tracker is really slow

  2. mr 1236 says:

    yeah its well slow i guess sorry

  3. JOKINGJ says:


  4. o1o2oncp says:

    Dude I tried to get it but it just comes up with the code.Wat now??

  5. doyler2002 says:

    do u like my site

  6. japenguin123 says:

    please can you help me find him

  7. japenguin123 says:

    i want to find the rockhopper

  8. japenguin123 says:

    please if you do i will be your buddy

  9. Bird12321 says:


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